• BaptismEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • BaptismWatercolor Doreen Foster
  • Point Prim LighthouseFine Art Reproduction Maurice Bernard
  • Last Light (detail)Limited Edition Digital Print Henry Dunsmore
  • Sunflowers (detail)Batik Sylvia Ridgway
  • Beloved & the DreamerEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Afternoon ShadowsFine Art Print Henry Dunsmore
  • Mermaid's DreamEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • After the StormFine Art Reproduction Maurice Bernard
  • Mermaid's Dream (detail)Watercolour Doreen Foster
  • Her Him Her HerAcrylic on Canvas P. John Burden
  • The MessengerEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Confederation BridgeFine Art Reproduction Maurice Bernard
  • Two Herons (detail)Batik Sylvia Ridgway
  • Palmers Range Light VictoriaFine Art Print Henry Dunsmore
  • Moonscape LoversWaterclolour Doreen Foster
  • MB1081Skating400x600Limited Edtion Maurice Bernard
  • DFRitesOfSpring2400x600Etching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Solitude (detail)Waterclolour Doreen Foster
  • The EggEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Flowers at Barn Window (detail)Batik Sylvia Ridgway
  • The Farewell (detail)Etching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Rollerderby Daddies (detail)Acrylic on canvas P. John Burden
  • MB2016StanleyJump400x600Limited Edtion Maurice Bernard
  • Wisdom of the AgesEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Georgia's Bench (detail)Fine Art Print Henry Dunsmore
  • Mixed Flowers (detail)Batik Sylvia Ridgway
  • Home Delivery (detail)Limited Edition Digital Print Henry Dunsmore
  • Two Girl Edge (detail)Watercolour P. John Burden
  • Solstice Hare (detail)Etching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • MB2027BasinHead400x600Limited Edtion Maurice Bernard
  • Boat At Wharf (detail)Batik Sylvia Ridgway
  • HDOverFence400x600
  • MB1055Dories400x600Fine Art Reproduction Maurice Bernard
  • Unseen Pull of the MoonEtching & Aquatint Doreen Foster
  • Is It You? (detail)Acrylic on canvas P. John Burden

The Studio Gallery

The studio of artist-in-residence Doreen Foster.

Meet the artist – see how etchings are created.

Also on view are the finest examples of Island
painting & printmaking.

Representing work by Maurice Bernard, P. John Burden,
Henry Dunsmore, Doreen Foster, Karen Gallant and
Sylvia Ridgway

Mon - Sat 10 to 5 • Sun by chance

Open until October • 902-658-2733