13-110 N Chainmaille, crystal, champagne quartz, gold plate & brass bracelet 13-112 S Sea Glass, Swarovski Crystal & Sterling Silver necklace 13-141 O Sterling Silver, Onyx & Turquoise necklace
13-170 Q Copper, Turquoise, & Annealed & electroplated verdigris fern leaf necklace 13-173 Q Bronze chainmaille necklace 13-191 N Rainbow jade, carnelian & copper necklace
13-171 F Turquoise & copper earrings 13-184 Q Copper & African Turquoise necklace 13-198 T Turquoise, Vermeil, & Swarovski Crystal necklace

Red Sand Studio

Barbara Nymark works semi-precious stones

and sea glass into one-of-a-kind wearable works of art.

Red Sand Studio is also the only Maritimes

vintage estate-quality Danecraft sterling silver jewelry.

We also carry paintings by Island artists Julia Purcell

and Donna White.

Hours of enjoyment!

29 Main Street